"Chris provides exceptionally good quality work and value for money. He is thoughtful, helpful and provides great advice."

Rod Hendricks, Engineering Manager, Emissionless


"Chris is extremely knowledgeable of the software and its practical usage in the design, testing and production within a manufacturing setting. Holyoake Industries have called on Chris's expertise to assist us in the CFD simulation and evaluation of our products in external construction projects with much success. I openly recommend Chris to any manufacturer wishing to design new products or undertake critical product engineering evaluations."

Andrew Krake, Australasian Sales & Marketing Manager , HOLYOAKE - Air Management Solutions


"I've tasked Chris to determine whether CO2 gas cylinders in a shipping container will reach unsafe temperatures, given certain cyclic environmental conditions on the Wheatstone project. Chris quickly understood the problem and took initiative in suggesting a workable simulation scope. In the process he demonstrated a thorough understanding of the underlying physics (fluid dynamics and heat transfer) as well as a good command of the software tools he used. I will not hesitate to make use of his services again in the future."

Emad Bashouty, Project Manager, Osmoflo


"Chris has done work for Calix for more than 6 years, and that work has been critical to Calix’ calciner design. The work enabled Calix to successfully scale up its manufacturing process from a pilot plant to a commercial plant by a factor of 30. The work involved developing fundamental models that predicts performance of our reactors by solving very complex phenomena, including combustion, chemical reactions, conjugated heat transfers including surface and gas radiation, and includes the kinetics of gas-solid reactions at the particle level at all points along the reactor. The work shows a fundamental understanding of fluid flow and heat transfer in such complex systems, and continues to be the basis for Calix’s reactor design optimization and capacity expansion. Chris has an ability to take initiative and work independently, while being responsive to the engineering team’s requirements. His advice is always valuable, and his insight is supported by his ability to produce results on time, and a quick response to questions. It is challenging to play the role between science, process engineering, and mechanical engineering, and Chris has demonstrated a capacity to deal with that complexity, by learning and building his expertise. Calix has had to take many risks in developing its technology, and Chris’ work has been central to successfully mitigating those risks."

Mark Sceats, Chief Scientist and Executive Director, Calix


"I am pleased to recommend Chris for his support, ingenuity and professionalism during the past four years we have worked together. During this time Chris has created CFD programs that have helped validate my designs for soil vapour mitigation systems for buildings and landfill sites. Once given the project Chris has been tenacious in finding a working solution for the problem."

Aidan Marsh, Principal Consulant, Pacific Environment


"I have worked with Chris on several projects and it is a pleasure to work with him due to his professional management and technical skills. He is always keen to answer questions before, during and after the project has been completed."

Mark Keown, Manager, Cooling Solutions