Fundamental Models

One of our areas of expertise is to develop standalone ‘Programs/Apps/Executables’, complete with a User Interface where the client can change Inputs, Solve and see the Results. These Programs are *.EXE files, thus, it can be distributed freely and run on any PC, without the need to install any software. This is extremely useful to size equipment, used by Design Engineers, the Sales Team and Management.


Mostly fundamental theory and correlations are programmed in the ‘engine’. The software platform is totally generic, thus, it is almost a case of “The Sky is the Limit’ for what we can develop. We can even do animations in the User Interface. Examples of what we have developed include:

  • Performance of a 3-stage Air Turbine
  • Reactor performance, involving Conjugated Heat Transfer, Combustion, Chemical reactions etc.
  • Helical Baffled Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger (Helixchanger)
  • Pebble-bed Heat Exchanger
  • Mass-and Energy Balance of Power Cycles
  • Drying of Coal and Powders
  • Transient Cooling taking into account Thermal Inertia and Heat Conduction
  • Perforated Plate Pressure Drop
  • Venturis, Ejectors, Eductors, Orifices etc.
  • Natural ventilation
  • Supersonic Nozzles
  • Etc Etc Etc ….